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Spiritual, Health and Life Intervention Coaching and Consultation
Project Latter Rain Ministries Services 
Speaking Engagements

This service offers lifestyle intervention coaching towards proper health and wellness.  For this service we deal with the following ailments, Cancer, HIV/AIDS, HIgh Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Obesity and other health related issues.  If you desire to receive this service, please feel free to fill the request information on this page. This coaching consists of a 1 Hour Phone/Skype Coaching Sessions. This coaching deals with Career, spiritual, health, leadership development, goal setting, time management, overcoming limiting beliefs & life challenges etc.
One easy payment as stated on the products page, I will contact you personally via email within 24-48 hours (weekends excluded) of your order to schedule your phone coaching session.  Note: This service is for educational purposes only based on the 8 laws of health and it is not to be used as traditional medical advice. More information on this will be given when we receive your request.
Project Latter Rain Ministries focuses on the whole person through seminars, revivals, coaching and consultation by offering the following services:

Project Latter Rain Ministries seeks to serve your church or group through speaking engagements on issues as it relates to practical godliness, prophecy, evangelistic revivals, youth meetings and endtime events and other related issues that are geared to prepare a people for the soon return of Jesus Christ.

If you have any question concerning these services , please don't hesitate to contact us.